Amor Fati

Amor FatiToday’s story begins in Perry, GA in 1982.

1982 was the year that Ernest Greene was born in the small town south of Macon.

Though few recognize the name Ernest Greene, many know Mr. Greene by his stage name “Washed Out.”

I first discovered Washed Out’s music a few years ago and it served as my introduction to a sub-genre of indie music referred to as “chillwave.”

This wikipedia entry describes chillwave with phrases like “faded soundscapes” and “dreamy lyrical reflections.”

I have no earthly idea what these descriptions mean. I just know I like Washed Out’s music and often have it and other similar music playing in the background while I’m working.

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What’s Your Personal Exchange Rate?

Personal Exchange RateIf you’ve ever traveled to a location that doesn’t accept U.S. currency, you’ve experienced exchange rates.

Many of these exchange rates fluctuate so tomorrow one U.S. dollar might exchange for more or less Euros, Yen, Pounds or Pesos than it would exchange for today.

While the economics behind exchange rates may be interesting to some folks, I’d like to briefly discuss a much more important kind of exchange rate . . .

Your personal exchange rate.

Let me give you a couple of examples.

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How Can I Protect My Assets In A Second Marriage?

How Can I Protect My Assets In A Second Marriage?Are you planning on getting married again?

If so, congratulations are in order – there’s little more exciting than being a happy bride in love. Unfortunately, not everything you will have to consider before your second wedding ceremony will be as romantic as walking down the aisle into your new spouse’s arms. One of the most crucial challenges to work through before you say “I do” for the second time is how you are going to protect your financials assets in your second marriage.

Admittedly, estate planning is not the most romantic and carefree way to spend your pre-wedding time. But as a wealthy woman with considerable assets to manage, knowing how to protect your estate in case you get divorced or if you die before your spouse is crucial. Not only does this protect your own interest, but it also helps protect the interests of your children in case something happens to you.

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MiscellanyAs Uncle Leo says, Hello!

Wanted to share a couple of different things with you today . . .

First, you might find this recent InvestmentNews article of interest. Turns out that many advisors are burying fee sharing arrangements in their disclosure documents, many of which require a team of attorneys to decipher.

Bottom line: follow the money. Even independent and supposedly objective financial advisors could be receiving compensation for recommending some investments vs. others.

Even though many of my clients’ accounts are at Fidelity, I DO NOT partake in this practice.

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Bloodshot Eyes For Four Days

Hot Air Balloon

Photo Credit: 3804989772/”>mike_dooley via Compfight cc

I’ll never know what people must have thought at the time, but my eyes were bloodshot for four days straight.

This was in 1993.

My best friend Joe and I piled all our camping, backpacking and rock climbing equipment into the back of my Jeep Wrangler and drove due west along I-40 on our way to Colorado.

For our initial push to the west, we slept in shifts and drove pretty much non-stop except to refuel the Jeep and ourselves along the way.

But this isn’t why my eyes were bloodshot for four days.

During our 2 week trip, we camped and hiked along the Gunnison River Gorge, went whitewater rafting on the Arkansas River (in Colorado), spent a few days rock climbing in El Dorado Canyon, and did some hiking and rock climbing on the Flatirons in Boulder.

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