A Lesson From Gaston Glock

Start With A Beginner's MindThank you for all the replies and feedback from last week’s article about my adult developmental money model. I’ll be writing more about this concept soon, so please stay tuned.

Today, I’d like to introduce you to Gaston Glock.

In the early 80’s, the Austrian armed forces were interested in replacing a WWII-era pistol that had become obsolete.

So they created an open competition and planned to award the contract to the winner.

Gaston Glock, an experienced engineer, with no firearms experience or training, decided to give it a go.

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Adult Developmental Money Model:
Which Stage Are You?

Adult Developmental Money ModelSo the short version of what could easily become a long story goes like this . . .

I had the good fortune of getting to know a great group of folks over the past couple of years. In this group was a CPA, a CFO, a manufacturer, an artist, an investment banker and a few other professionals, all of whom I’m happy to call friends.

Each person in this group has made a lasting impact on me personally and professionally. They’re a smart bunch, and it was a continual learning experience.

Today, I’d like to focus on just one of the people from this group. I’ll refer to him as “Mr. F.”

(That’s an Arrested Development reference as well, if you’re keeping score)

Mr. F is one of the smartest people I’ve ever met. Maybe ever will meet. He’s a BIG thinker, and I could listen to him think out loud for hours on end.

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Which Market Are You Referring To?

The Market?Earlier this week, I received an email from a client asking about whether the Dow (Jones Industrial Average) is a good indicator of the market.

Here’s her question:

Yesterday you mentioned that the Dow isn’t a good indicator for the market. How close is it to the funds we own and is there an indicator we can follow other than just looking at our accounts?  Do they both generally rise and fall at the same time or are they very different?

Here’s my reply:

The Dow Jones is only 30 companies, so it’s a microcosm of the overall market and not a good indicator of the broad U.S. stock market. Further, the Dow is comprised solely of large companies and doesn’t reflect the mid- and smaller-sized companies in the market very well, if at all.

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An Important Lesson From
Hickory, Indiana

The Rules Haven't ChangedGood morning.

Today marks the first Wednesday of 2015.

I hope your Wednesday and your New Year are both off to a great start.

Imagine with me for just a moment . . .

It’s 1952 in small-town Indiana.

Let’s call this small town Hickory.

A gentleman named Norman Dale arrives at the request of an old friend.

Mr. Dale has come to Hickory to take the reins of the high school basketball team as their head coach.

If any of this rings a bell for you, it’s because I’m describing the setting for the 1986 film Hoosiers.

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Spirit Of The Holidays

The WaterboysToday is Christmas eve, and regardless of what you’re celebrating (or not) this season, I wish you, your family, and all your friends the happiest of holidays.

And I hope 2015 will be your best year yet.

Speaking of 2015, I’m taking next week off, so you won’t see a new weekly article from me, but if you’re starved for something to read, there are currently over 200 published articles on this website.

I also have a “free resources” section and recently added a page of frequently asked questions (and answers).

My next weekly article will be published on Wednesday, January 7th.

As you reflect on your 2014 and look ahead to another new year, I leave you with this:


Man gets tired
Spirit don’t
Man surrenders
Spirit won’t
Man crawls
Spirit flies
Spirit lives when man dies

Man seems
Spirit is
Man dreams
Spirit lives
Man is tethered
Spirit free
What Spirit is man can be!

This is a great song from a great band by the name of The Waterboys. This song is from one of their mid-80s albums. There’s an extended version of this song as well.

If you’re interested, Fisherman’s Blues is another great song, among many, from The Waterboys.

May your holidays and 2015 be filled with spirit and music.

Until next year . . .

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