Client Q&A:
How Much Do I Pay My Financial Advisor?

How Much Do I Pay My Financial AdvisorLet me begin by wishing you and your family the Happiest of Thanksgivings!

For those of you that have been reading my weekly emails for a while, you may recall that a little over a year ago, in late 2013, I started what I affectionately referred to as the “Wealthcare For Women Wednesday Q&A.”

My goal was to create a comfortable, safe environment where women could get together and discuss personal finance and get answers to any questions they had. These were once-a-month workshops that were held on – you guessed it – a Wednesday.

We had a few of these monthly meetings in late 2013 and early 2014 and had to navigate around the Atlanta ice storms earlier this year. And I received great feedback from the women that joined me for these meetings.

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Are You at Risk?
Why Choosing a Financial Planner is Not Always as Straightforward as it Should Be

Choosing Your Financial AdvisorChoosing a financial planner seems like it should be a relatively straightforward undertaking; you seek out potential candidates, conduct research to learn more about their qualifications and experience, and then choose the advisor who best matches your vision and needs. Right?

Sadly, it isn’t always so simple. The unfortunate reality is that women are often at risk in new financial relationships – especially women undergoing major life transitions, like divorce or bereavement. Women in these situations often feel emotional or vulnerable, which can make them easy prey for unethical advisors who may want to take advantage.

The Risk: Vulnerability & Uncertainty

Women’s uncertainty can easily compromise their confidence and decision-making ability. They may feel unprepared or unsure – especially given their newly uncertain circumstances – and doubt their sense of direction. (Does any of this sound familiar?) Even with pre-established plans, a sudden sense of uncertainty can make newly-single women vulnerable to the influence of others.

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Financial Advice For Newly Single Women:
6 Top Tips

6 Top TipsAfter a big life event, financial decisions may not be at the top of your to-do list – and that’s fine. Taking time to find a new foundation and to reestablish yourself is an important first step in finding your new direction. When you’re ready to start re-taking control of your financial big picture, though, here are 6 important tips for making sure that you set down the right path.

Focus on What You Can Control
There’s a lot going on in your life right now, and the last thing you need is to waste time and energy on things that you can’t control. I often see women get overwhelmed by it all, and almost go into withdrawal from the overload. In extreme cases this can lead to depression, but even in less extreme cases it can lead to inaction – stagnation – that can jeopardize important financial and life decisions. Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed by everything going on; focus on the things you have the power to change.

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My Recommended Medicare Expert:
Bob Fitzgerald

Bob Fitzgerald - Medicare ExpertAs everyone prepares for Thanksgiving next week and begins decorating and shopping for Christmas, we’ll have plenty of reminders that it’s that time of year again.

A time for family and friends.

For food.

For giving thanks.

I mentioned food, didn’t I?

But there’s another reason it’s “that time of year” again.

We’re in the midst of the Medicare open enrollment period which runs from October 15th to December 7th.

I had breakfast last week with my friend and colleague, Bob Fitzgerald. Bob is one of the experts on my extended team of professionals, and whenever one of my clients, or their family or friends, has a question related to Medicare, I introduce them to Bob.

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The Wisdom Of Oogway From Kung Fu Panda

Oogway & PoAn important part of lifestyle financial planning is looking to the future and contemplating the possibilities.

Perhaps an even more important part of lifestyle financial planning is making the most of today and each day along life’s journey.

And interestingly, I’ve found that many financial advisors and planners overlook this “making the most of your life along the way” concept.

It’s about balance. It’s about priorities. It’s about trade-offs. And sometimes it’s about making some tough decisions.

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