10 amazing ways for women to build fulfilling routines in retirement

At Wealthcare for Women, I’m all about helping women retire on their terms to create fulfilling and purposeful next steps. There’s so much more to retirement than being financially “ready,” you need to be emotionally prepared as well. 

Doing so helps you retire with confidence.

Building a routine you love is an excellent way to make a seamless retirement transition. Here are ten ideas for women to create routines they love.

Way #1: Set goals that motivate you

How do you create a sense of fulfillment in retirement? By aligning your life with your goals and values. 

While you’re no longer working a nine to five, it’s still critical to work towards something. Whether learning a new language, establishing a garden, or starting a new business, think about what you’re excited to achieve. 

Start with some big picture ideas, and create an intentional plan for retirement that keeps those goals at the center.

Way #2: Volunteer regularly

When it comes to philanthropy, women are taking the world by storm. MacKenzie Scott, Oprah Winfrey, Melinda Gates—more and more women are giving back prominently.

In addition to your charitable contributions and financial giving, consider finding ways to be more purposefully involved in organizations that are meaningful to you. While you may have been too busy in your working years, retirement is a great time to get involved in a leadership position, organize an event, or head up a committee.

Volunteering regularly can help build out a structured schedule, which is something most women find important in retirement. Set regular volunteer times to serve at the soup kitchen or clean out cages at the animal shelter. Whatever charitable cause speaks to your heart, volunteering and giving back to the community can lead to a happier, more fulfilling lifestyle.

Way #3: Stay active, physically and mentally

Remaining active in retirement should be a priority for every woman. While there’s no need to work yourself too hard, the best thing you can do is establish and maintain a regular schedule of physical activity. 

Walk for 30 minutes every day, join a group class, or get involved at the local gym. Staying active is essential in retirement because it can help stave off serious illness, mental decline, and loss of balance.

Don’t forget to keep your mind challenged as well. Studies have found that mental stimulation in retirement can help prevent diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia. Reading a book, doing the crossword every day, or learning a new skill are excellent ways to keep your mind happy and healthy in retirement.

Way #4: Consider taking a class

Going back to school can be a fantastic experience for women in retirement. It allows you to connect with a subject you’re passionate about but may not have had the time to pursue in the past.

Many schools, both in-person and online, offer discounted or free classes for seniors. If you choose to attend classes at a campus, this is also a great way to meet new people with similar interests and grow your social circle.

Way #5: Make time for your hobbies

What do you enjoy doing? Whether teaching yoga, woodworking in the garage, writing at a desk, or babysitting the grandkids, be sure you make time to do it.

As you’re creating your schedule, be intentional about including your hobbies. After all, these are what bring you joy and contribute to your feeling of wellness and fulfillment in retirement.

Way #6: Nurture your relationships

If you’re not intentional about your time, retirement can become isolating. Loneliness and isolation are the leading causes of depression amongst retirees, so finding ways to connect with others is crucial.

Make sure to see your family, friends, and loved ones regularly. Consider hosting Sunday dinner every week or having a game night once a month.

Way #7: Travel and explore

Travel is a top goal for many retirees, so it’s time to use your credit card points and book your dream trip! Whether you want to travel with a group or go solo, carve out time to explore the places and experiences that excite you.

Way #8: Try something new

Retirement is a time of transition, and it’s full of many changes. Embrace the experience and consider trying something new. Learn a skill like painting or woodworking, take on a project like building a community garden or try something else fun that’s always been on your bucket list.

Way #9: Leave room for “free time”

People tend to overschedule themselves during their working years, but try not to carry those traits into your retirement.

Give yourself some breathing room to be flexible and spontaneous. Don’t just say “no” to a friend for lunch because that’s typically your time to read. Be open to surprises and embrace your newfound flexibility.

As you settle into retirement, you may find that this season of life moves at a slower pace. That’s okay! Give yourself the grace to enjoy it.

Way #10: Work where you’re passionate

I’ve known several women who enjoyed working in retirement. While the 40-hour workweek is likely behind you, there are still plenty of opportunities to work in a more meaningful way. Start a small business, sell items on Etsy and at your local market or work part-time at a store. 

Since you’re no longer dependent on a paycheck, you’re freer to find work that brings enjoyment to your day. Plus, maintaining a work schedule helps add additional structure to your week and more social interaction.

Find fulfillment in retirement with Wealthcare for Women

Enjoying retirement goes far beyond feeling financially ready. It’s about doing what you love, discovering new passions, and spending time with loved ones.

I help women prepare for and thrive in retirement. If you have questions about your upcoming retirement or you’re looking to reprioritize your planning goals, reach out anytime.