Are we a perfect fit? Wealthcare for Women case study series – married couple preparing for retirement

Readers, you’ve made it to the final installment of the Wealthcare for Women’s case study blog series. If you haven’t met them already, I’d like to introduce you to Mary and Eliza from the first two case studies.

I’ve had so much fun creating these fictionalized stories and bringing them to life to share with you. Stories have the power to capture rich emotion and depth, and I hope that in reading the short description of the lives of these incredible women, you find inspiration to bring purpose and meaning to your money. 

I’m thrilled to close out this series with a married couple who are looking to find deeper financial engagement before heading into one of the most significant life transitions of their lives: retirement

Let’s dive in. 

Case study 3: Linda and Thomas Blair, a married couple who want to be more financially prepared for retirement 

The Blairs have been happily married for 30 years. Linda is an executive at a creative marketing firm, and Thomas is a writer and professor at the local community college. 

Both have extensive networks of friends and colleagues and love hosting loved ones at their home. They have an insatiable love of reading, travel, and adventure and can’t wait to spend their golden years learning and growing together. 

They’re in their mid-50s and just—excitedly—started the 5-year retirement clock. This significant milestone prompted them to begin thinking more deeply about their finances. Over the years, the Blairs created a diligent savings plan and patchworked a financial plan on their own. 

But now, as they near retirement, they want to be even more engaged with their money and seek out professional help to ensure they’ll be able to meet their exciting goals for their future. They want to retire debt-free, so they can spend their energy and resources traveling, meeting new people, and pursuing activities they care about. Linda is interested in becoming a board member for the place they volunteer frequently, and Thomas wants to write his first novel. 

Since they’ve been a team from day one, they’re looking for a financial professional they feel comfortable and confident talking and collaborating with and can seamlessly fit in as part of the team.

Retirement is calling, and the Blairs are ready to welcome this new adventure as a united front with confidence and security that their finances can support their big dreams.

How I can help the Blairs (and other married couples)

The Blairs have ambitious and exciting retirement goals. At this point in their lives, they want to make sure their finances can actually support what they want to do more of in retirement—travel, learn, personal aspirations, etc.

The only way they’ll have ongoing confidence about their money is if they have a coordinated plan built specifically with their needs in mind. They need a withdrawal strategy that maximizes their dollars, an ongoing saving and investing strategy, a risk management plan, and more to ensure every aspect of their money goes toward achieving their life goals. 

You want to live a full, vibrant, and fulfilling life. Your money can be a tool to help you get there. I’d love to help you create a holistic retirement plan that puts your goals at the center and help you find joy and contentment with your money long-term. 

Does your retirement plan need an update? Are you concerned about being able to fund the lifestyle you want for your golden years? I’d love to collaborate with you and help you create a plan that supports a life you love. 

Get in touch to learn more about working together!