Are we a perfect fit? Wealthcare for Women case study series – women dealing with divorce

Welcome back, readers!

I’m so excited to bring you a series that dives deeper into the people who make Wealthcare for Women so incredible—you, my clients. 

This series is all about bringing my ideal clients to life with fictional stories to highlight the traits, qualities, struggles, hopes, and dreams of the people I serve best. 

In part 1, you read about Mary Allen, a widow who needed guidance and support in creating a retirement plan after her spouse passed away. 

Today, you’ll meet another dynamic woman—Eliza Park—a new divorcee who wants to make the next phase of her life the best one yet

Case study 2: Eliza Park, a divorcee with her sights set on new beginnings

Eliza and her spouse separated a year ago and are now initiating the divorce proceedings. 

Both are in their early 60s and have significant assets individually and as a couple, including business funds, pensions, stock options, retirement accounts, real estate, brokerage accounts, and more. They’ve been together for over 35 years, and their lives, personal and financial, are deeply intertwined. 

Eliza wants a fair and equitable settlement so she can start the next season of life with joy and confidence, but she’s not sure what to look for or how to ask for what she wants and needs out of the settlement. 

She knows she’d like to retire from her corporate job in a couple of years so she can dedicate her time to more rewarding ventures like traveling, volunteering, and pursuing her watercolor painting hobby. Ultimately, she’s looking to find a balance between living a life she loves today and creating a comfortable plan for her future. 

Newly on her own, she faces unique challenges, changes, and opportunities as she prepares for retirement, and she wants a comprehensive plan that meets her needs now and financially protects her future.

Eliza needs a holistic plan that considers the short and long-term financial impacts of her divorce settlement and a true financial partner to be her champion and advocate as she embarks on her new path. 

How I can help Eliza (and other women like her)

Eliza is a forward-thinking, goal-oriented person who wants her money to support all of the incredible things she wants to do with her life. 

Couples who divorce later in life tend to have a more complex financial picture, and women need a strong advocate who will help them both understand and ask for what they want. Divorce is a challenging transition both financially and emotionally, and it’s instrumental to have a trusted partner walk by your side through it all. 

I’m passionate about helping women find confidence and clarity through a divorce. A robust financial plan can set them up to find success and fulfillment in the next phase of their lives and retire on their terms.

If this story resonates with you or someone like you, let’s talk about it together. I look forward to speaking with you, hearing your story, and helping you use your money to fuel your dreams. 

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