Are we a perfect fit? Wealthcare for Women case study series – working with widows

Hi readers, and welcome to a unique series where I dive into the types of clients I serve best at Wealthcare for Women. 

This three-part series will detail fictional people that personify the relationships where I bring the most value and expertise. 

First up, we’ll meet a widow who needs to create a new retirement plan after unexpectedly losing her spouse

Case Study: Mary Allen, a widow and new household CFO

Mary and her spouse lived a vibrant life. Married for over 40 years, they raised three wonderful children, watched them become parents, and have enjoyed every second of spoiling their grandkids. They’ve established satisfying careers and had been looking forward to downsizing in retirement to the family lakehouse.  

Mary lost her spouse unexpectedly. While her family has been as supportive as possible, Mary is concerned about building the next phase of her life without her partner. In addition to grieving and seeking support, she’s now the financial CFO of her household, a role she previously shared with her spouse.

At 65, Mary is ready to retire and is concerned about meeting her personal and financial needs for the future. She’s unsure where to start. 

  • Can she still retire as initially planned?
  • What does she need to do to take the lead on her household finances?
  • Will her approach to money shift?
  • How can she create new and fulfilling goals for the future? 
  • How can she financially support her new dreams?
  • In what ways can she safeguard her future? 
  • Will she be ok?

Mary knows she needs a trusted financial partner who can walk beside her as she navigates this transition. She’s looking for someone who can help bring confidence, clarity, and purpose to her money so that her new retirement plan will still be just as rich and beautiful.

How I can help Mary (and other women like her)

Widows have a unique set of needs and considerations, both financially and personally. It’s critical to bring stability, clarity, and confidence in a time of grief and change. 

I’d help Mary build a plan that not only answers her questions but makes her feel joy and comfort in the next season of her life.

Mary needs a plan that considers her entire future, her whole self as a person—hopes, fears, and dreams for the present and the future. Building a holistic financial plan can help address these areas and more. 

With a detailed and comprehensive plan that aligns her money with her goals, Mary won’t just “be ok,” she’ll find the vibrancy she thought was lost. 

I’m passionate about creating holistic retirement plans for women and empowering them to retire comfortably on their own terms. 

Are you interested in learning more about my services? Let’s get some time together to talk. I’m looking forward to meeting you!

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