What is a Reverse Mortgage?
(and why you should avoid them)

what-is-a-reverse-mortgageWhat do celebrities like James Garner, Robert Wagner, Fred Thompson and Henry Winkler all have in common?

They’ve all served as paid celebrity spokesmen touting the benefits of reverse mortgages.

You might have seen one of their commercials on TV.

But what is a reverse mortgage?

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How To Hire A Financial Advisor And Not Get Taken To The Cleaners

How to Hire A Financial AdvisorIt was my word against his, and neither of us was going to budge.

I don’t have a short fuse, but I was already yelling and the expletives were about to fly.

It all started when we tried a new dry cleaner.

We’d had some minor issues with our current cleaner, so after consulting Nextdoor to seek recommendations from our neighbors, I went to a new local cleaner expecting a smooth, easy experience.

It started off on the right foot. The gentleman behind the counter asked for my name and phone number. Then he counted the articles of clothing I’d brought to him. Elizabeth and I each had a few pair of pants that needed to be cleaned and pressed. And he said they would be ready 24 hours later.

I left feeling confident and maybe even a little smug. So far, I had received nothing but positive indications that I’d made a good decision.

Then I went to pick up our clothes the next day.

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The Best of Times

The Best of TimesA couple of weeks ago, Elizabeth, Gracie and I were out on Lake Sinclair in the boat.

About two weeks earlier, Elizabeth and I made the heart-wrenching decision to put our sweet little Abby to sleep as she was having more bad days than good related to her long-standing health issues.

So it was strange to be out on the boat without one of our “crew” members.

It was late Saturday afternoon and the sky was clear and the sun was blazing. So we pulled into the cooling shade of Goat Island, turned off the engine and just listened to radio and enjoyed a couple of cold beverages.

We can only get clear reception on the boat radio for a single station in the area – 97 Big FM. This station plays a lot of classic rock which I enjoy listening to anytime.

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Atlanta Estate Planning for Women with Amy Refeca

I was recently introduced to Amy Refeca, an estate planning and elder law attorney focused on serving women in Georgia and Florida.

She owns Refeca Law, based in Alpharetta, GA.

As you might imagine, given our mutual interest in serving women, Amy and I hit it off immediately and had a lot to discuss.

We even recorded our most recent discussion. Hopefully it will serve both to introduce you to Amy and give you some things to think about when it comes to estate planning for women.

Here’s a video of our chat:

And if you prefer audio, here’s the audio only recording:


And here’s a complete transcript of our conversation if you prefer to read.

If you’re a woman and have questions about or need help with your estate planning, please contact me or feel welcome to reach out directly to Amy.

We’d love to help in any way we can.

5 Financial Tips for Women Getting Divorced

5 Financial Tips for Women Getting DivorcedNo one gets married with the intention of getting divorced, but the unfortunate reality is that divorce happens, and it happens often.

As a woman, it’s not enough to be emotionally prepared for a divorce, you need to be financially prepared as well. Whether you’re the family’s breadwinner or a stay-at-home mom, your responsibilities are going to be numerous as you embark on the journey to ending your marriage.

In order to ensure you navigate that road smoothly and safely, I want to share 5 Financial Tips for Women Getting Divorced.

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