Life will go on.
Make sure your money does, too.

Financial Advisor for women

A woman who values her HAPPY FAMILY & HOME.

A woman PROUD of the life she’s built.
An impenetrable life, perfectly laid out without worry.

So you weren’t sure what to do when life did the unexpected and blind-sided you with…

  • An unwanted DIVORCE.
  • Sudden WIDOWHOOD.
  • Unexpected RE-MARRIAGE.

The truth is the only certain thing in life is CHANGE.

But money problems shouldn’t add to the emotional toll that comes with it. Maybe you’re worried that you’ll blow through your financial cushion in the blink of an eye and you’ll be eating cat food in retirement (I’ve heard it all!). Or, maybe your questions include:

  • Should I keep the house, buy a new home, or rent?
  • Should I help my grown kids financially?
  • What is the best way to care for my aging parents?
  • And… How long will my money last?”

The answer? For the rest of your life, if you have the right person in your corner.

Welcome to Wealthcare for Women! I’m Russ Thornton, financial advisor and founder of Wealthcare For Women, where I help women shrewdly and powerfully manage their money with confidence. I have 23+ years experience managing wealth, but it’s the heart of my business that drives what I do. As a young man in college, I watched as my mother went through a divorce and faced the sudden ramifications of a divorce that affected her lifestyle. She struggled with managing her money, and I always wished she’d had someone like me (a financial advisor looking out for her) to help her make smart choices and create lasting wealth. So I’ve dedicated my life to helping women like her–YOU–do just that. Let me be the support system you deserve.

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